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Protecting the environment is crucial to the future of South Carolina.

Foremost among our goals is the prevention of offshore drilling and seismic testing right along our coastline. The push to drill for oil off of the South Carolina coast risks our atmosphere, our beautiful beaches, and tens of thousands of jobs.

Environmental issues affect so many aspects of our lives, from the economic, health, and environmental impacts of fossil fuels, to international security issues created by scarce resources across the globe. Protecting our environment and making strategic choices for the future of our planet’s resources is common sense for the common good.

Congress has responded to climate change with denial and cowardice. Our civilization is a force of nature! Many in Congress would rather protect the oil and gas industry than God's creation and future generations. I strongly support new investments in sustainable energy, which will create millions of good jobs. We need a moratorium on fracking until the issues of methane release at the wellhead, as well as the impact of drilling on water quality, can be adequately studied.

Air and water pollution are an environmental taxation without representation on future generations.