Strong Families


As a Democrat, I believe in strong families for South Carolina.

Investing in dignity for children strengthens families. Investing in opportunity for students strengthens families. Guaranteed healthcare and decent wages strengthens families. Paid family leave and sick leave strengthens families. Investing in veterans and seniors strengthens families. A deeper commitment to a common sense criminal justice strengthens families.

I will fight to protect women's rights both locally and on a national level. Women deserve equal pay for equal work and non-discriminatory employment environments. I believe that a woman deserves full autonomy over the choices concerning her health and family planning. The United States trails much of the developed world with regard to paid leave after the birth of a child. I believe that new parents should have paid time off to bond with their newborns, and will fight to improve such practices. Our domestic violence and sexual abuse statistics are staggering. I will work to enact any legislation that seeks to diminish this societal crisis. As a proud father of two daughters, I truly believe the future is female. 

I will advocate for legislation that protects and preserves dignity and equality with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity. The LGBTQ community deserves full recognition and support regarding personal expression, marriage, family planning, medical care, and legal protection. I believe that our country derives its strength from our diversity.